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DoP Marcus CF. Tinnerholm,TVF, Assoc. FSF


Born in Stockholm Sweden, 1980

Studied  # MediaTechnology @ The Royal Institute of Technology  # Virtual Reality @ Nackademin # International Project Management @ The Stockholm School of Economics 

Cinematography courses in Hollywood @
The American Society of Cinematographers (ASC), E-FILM 
and @ RED Digital Studios.

Born in the city of Stockholm but also raised in the rough suburbs. Something that brought some streetsmartness into the picture as well.

Found his passion for The Moving Picture quite late, which grew during 6 years of University Studies around the area.

Headhunted directly from school to Swedish National Television SVT but found his greater passion in The Art of Film and now striving for the top.


Henrik Björn, Jakob Ström, Tomas Jonsgården, Jens Sjögren, Joakim Eliasson, Måns Nyman, Mats Udd, Martin Widman, Henrik Jakobsson, Rob f. Blom, Pablo Fernandez, Ali Memarchi, Gabriel Schock, Matias Lindgren, Patrick Saxe, Richard Blom, Milad Rad, Rasmus Tirzitis, Johan Jihde, Richard Franzén, Henrik Heden, Jussi Kangas, Alexander Kallas, Mikeadelica, Fredrik Haake, Kristoffer Folin

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